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I currently own a boxee box thats running kodi My brother are using the Mac mini as a media station (native OSX, no kodi) and I also.

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How to Change Your AirPort Express Password on a Mac

Turn off wireless. Then turn your Airport card back on and rejoin your wireless network. Don't worry because it will act the same as 'Automatic', you just giving it a custom name.

How to Hard Reset an Apple Airport Express

Turn off the wireless card. This reboot will rebuild fresh Preferences in that folder. Then from that pane select you Airport card and from there use that Network pane to rejoin your wireless network. Lastly if everything is working, throw out those files you moved to the desktop out.

Some older wireless routers seem not to be able to do Jumbo frames the MTU settings. It is hit or miss in the hint.

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Reset your wireless router. If you never been in your wireless router, get the default router password visit the web site Router passwords. This way you can reset your wireless router. If anyone else has a suggestion feel free to to add other wireless reset hint.

Mac Wireless Problems? Guide to Troubleshooting Airport & Wireless Problems on your Mac

Does this help anybody? DeltaMac Tech. It helps me understand why I shouldn't try to correct every error that I see. Step 7 reset wireless router - you don't need to go to the configuration page just to reset the router. First step would be a simple power cycle of the router. A router can usually be completely hardware reset by pressing a reset button somewhere on the outside of the case.

Find your macOS Ethernet or wireless interface's MAC address

The configuration page would be a good choice, if you want to use the router itself to do that reset to factory defaults. Then you need to add the REST of that reset step, which would be to re-enter your router settings whatever they may be , assuming you did a full reset, and not just a power-cycle. Airport usually refers to an Airport Base Station now. Then open the Airport Tools application on your Mac.

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If Time Capsule does not appear in the graphical interface or at the time when you click on Other Wi-Fi devices, a factory reset is needed. Apple has a great guide for this. Here you should choose a static IP address to make it reachable through your Mac. Then go to the Wireless tab and select Off in Network mode.