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Pros: Beautiful bit style. Some call it a throwback, but others just call it lovely. Wonderful exploration and customization through great items. The same creative spark as Minecraft, but in a 2D setting. Cons: The 2D style limits creativity a bit. While the style is nice for what it is, it inevitably has greater limitations than a 3D environment such as that in Minecraft. Some users may find themselves wanting more to explore. Miner er Again A free version of a much loved 80s platformer. Within a Deep Forest 2D platform game set in an icy forest.

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Mega Mario Go back to the classic original Mario game. Download Terraria 1. Leaving without your download?

Get free alternatives to Terraria. This launcher could not update itself, and each time a new update was released for the launcher, a player would have to download it from minecraft. This launcher was developed from to , and is still available to be downloaded from archived versions of its page. It is not known how many versions of this launcher existed. During the 1.

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This launcher was built to update itself, and the player could now have the launcher window and the game window open at the same time. The player could also switch what version they were playing without having to replace minecraft. This launcher was developed from to , whether or not it can still be downloaded is not known.

The latest version is 1. The latest Minecraft launcher was made available to the public by Dinnerbone on October 26, , through a twitter statement and a post on the Minecraft subreddit. This launcher no longer required java to be installed to run it, downloaded its own runtime for the game, and had more advanced features compared to other versions of the launcher. This launcher has been under steady development since , and the current stable release of this launcher is for Windows, 2.

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Sign In. From Minecraft Wiki. Jump to: navigation , search. RV-Pre1 3D Shareware v1. Classic Version history Early Classic Creative 0.

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Indev Version history 0. Alpha Version history v1. Beta Version history Development versions 1.