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7 Best Personal Finance Software for Mac and iPhone

No credit card required. Loading Google We verified that the finance apps offer versions for both iOS and Android and have a desktop browser version. Being able to keep tabs on your money on the go is a non-negotiable, and it would be a pain to have to hunt down a new program if you switch up your phone. Having access to your information from any computer is equally important.

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Mobile accounting is convenient, but a full computer screen experience allows for greater exploration. Quite literally, it lets you see the big picture — all the data on the screen at the same time. When personal finance software links up to a bank, it instantly reflects and categorizes transactions, balances, upcoming bills, and so forth, allowing you to move on to the real work of managing your money.

We cut any software without this usability. An FAQ section, while helpful for general queries, is no substitute for getting in contact with an actual human.

You Need A Budget is award-winning software and a proven method—that works.

Finances are complex and personal. We required an option to get in contact via phone, online chat, or email for personalized assistance. Our cuts left us with six promising personal finance software programs to test ourselves. In exploring their functionality on desktop and mobile, tinkering with settings, tracking our finances, and building budgets, most impressed us with their intuitive design and helpful data sorting.

Of them, only Mvelope confounded us with its less-than-ideal organization.

Best Personal Finance Software of 12222

Its layout and learnability issues resulted in our final cut. The simplicity starts with account setup. Mint links all of your accounts with the same bank in one fell swoop, so it only takes a minute to get rolling.

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Mint left labels every transaction clearly, while Personal Capital right uses general categories. Mint uses a unique pie chart system to show you how your income and expenses break down, and it allows you to adjust these charts to show spending for specific categories, accounts, or time periods. It gives you deep insight into your own habits so you can check in and make adjustments if need be.

Mint allows you to create budgets for a number of categories. Start with the preset budgets, like "Restaurants" and "Transportation," or create as many custom categories as you like.

Our Best Picks

After doing so, the software will automatically fill them in. We love that Mint is a free personal finance app — but that does mean putting up with banner ads. Quicken is made by Intuit, the same parent company as Mint. It feels similar, with an equally user-friendly interface and tools, minus the distracting credit card and loan ads. Along with being ad-free, Quicken is a bit more robust than Mint.

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It uses a downloadable desktop app rather than a browser-based one, which has some perks. For instance, you can build out a calendar to track budgets, bills, and savings over time. To stay up to date with this calendar, the app lets you create customizable pop-up alerts for your desktop. Quicken tracks your budgets, bills, and expenses in a customizable desktop calendar. Unlike Mint, which offers suggestion boxes — plain-English translations of what you should enter — Quicken expects you to be well-versed enough in finances to know where to find account numbers and the tools to run reports.

Quicken is also a good choice if you have multiple accounts or larger assets to track since the desktop application is well-suited to manage built-out portfolios. Sheer capacity is one thing, with its wide array of tools, but security is another; everything is stored locally on your computer. It also allows you to see summary reports of your holdings, invaluable if there are too many moving pieces to otherwise view concisely. Quicken does have a comprehensive Support section on its site to help you troubleshoot, and the software is intuitive enough that you may not have many questions if you have experience with money management.

But we were still disappointed by its weak live support. While it has a decent rating on the Apple app store, it earns an abysmal 2. This software takes a unique approach to budgeting. Instead of making a hypothetical plan for future money, YNAB works with the cash you have on hand. YNAB had us import each account separately, as opposed to pulling everything at once as Mint did. This took a little longer, but it made us think critically about how we wanted to prioritize our finances. This setup process lays the foundation for thoughtful money management from day one.

You can track individual stocks and lots in the Portfolio view and you can automate pricing updates , but any investments that include units or any investments held in a robo-service are more difficult to properly track. Managing accounts with Banktivity is easier than just about any other app we tested. For example, if you have multiple transactions from the same payee and you change the category on one transaction, Banktivity will ask you if you want to change it for the other transactions as well. In order to accurately identify trends and really know if you are hitting your financial targets, you have to do some setup work.

Fortunately, Banktivity remembers these values once you put them in, so after you do it once it makes it much simpler in the future. Banktivity also syncs all your accounts automatically if you are using Direct Access or Direct Download, so they are always up-to-date — no need to manually refresh your accounts. Banktivity 6 introduced tags, which is kind of like next-level categorization. These can be very useful in helping you track your spending accurately because they allow you to pull up reports for spending that are cross-categorical. Tags are different than categorization, and allow you to see the big picture.

The solution is to use tags. For example, if you use a vacation tag on your vacation expenses, you can easily access a report based on that tag to see all your vacation expenses together. Banktivity has an entire view dedicated to tracking your investment portfolio. If you create an Investment class of account, Banktivity will alter the main view with more account-specific transaction types.

You can quickly drill down the dropdown menu to choose purchases, dividends, interest income, and more. This feature may take a little bit to wrap your head around, but once you do, acts as a very easy way to track your portfolio performance. But Banktivity 7 debuted built-in real estate tracking with the help of Zillow.

Banktivity will then apply any mortgages or loans held against that property and provide an overall equity valuation of your real estate holdings.

Unfortunately, this feature only works on addresses in the United States at this point, so international users will have to manually update the fair market value of their real estate holdings. The reporting tools in Banktivity are top-notch and are one of our favorite features of the app. There are many different types of reports available in Banktivity:. For any of these reports, you can choose which accounts you want to include in the reports, and you can select from a number of pre-defined or custom date intervals.

Quick Reports allow you to instantly drill down into transaction categories and view reports on everything inside. To access Quick Reports when looking over transactions, just click Report On and select a category to access the custom report, then click the three vertical bars at the top of the report and drag it to the sidebar so you can keep tabs on it.

Quicken for Mac 2019 Review - A Big Improvement With The Mobile App

For example, if you want to see how much you spend on fancy coffee, you can view the report by the category and then just drag the report to the sidebar.