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I currently own a boxee box thats running kodi My brother are using the Mac mini as a media station (native OSX, no kodi) and I also.

Here's how to set it up. Once enabled, tap the function key FN twice or whichever shortcut you selected to start or stop Dictation. You can also skip System Preferences entirely by tapping the function key twice from any window, but we think the long way is best so you can change the shortcut if you want. Keep in mind that when you use Dictation, your words and some other data are sent to Apple to be translated into text—much like when you use Siri. Apple says the data is used to improve voice recognition only, and not associated with any other information Apple may have about you.

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In the Dictation and Speech preferences, you have the choice to switch the input used for dictation to your Mac's line-in over the internal microphone. Unless you're sitting right in front of your Mac all the time, we'd suggest using a headset or dedicated microphone when you're working with Dictation. Using the internal mic isn't bad, but using a headset is definitely better and in our tests led to fewer skipped or incorrect words. Of course, common sense also applies: speak loudly and clearly when working with dictation and you'll have better luck.

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No mumbling! Photo by Paul Arrington. Remember, the dictation tool translates your words into text—it doesn't know much about grammar. That means if you want a comma in a sentence, or want to end a sentence with a period or exclamation point, you have to say it aloud for the app to understand what you want.

It''s tricky to get into the habit of saying things like "Dear Adam comma new line thank you for sending this over to me period it's a huge help exclamation point" but you'll get the hang of it. The result, of course, would be:. Dictation does a good job of recognizing proper nouns and capitalizing them, and can even recognize your contacts' names and proper spellings.

How to Enable Talk to Text Dictation in OSX Mountain Lion

In this example we will use the MacBook Pro's internal microphone. Step Six Select a preferred shortcut that will be used to start a dictation from the Shortcut dropdown.

How to Enable and Use Dictation on OS X Mountain Lion – Mac OS X

Step Seven Select your preferred language for dictation from the Language dropdown. Notice a microphone icon will appear.

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As you speak a purple audio level indicator will be displayed inside the icon. No text will appear while you are dictating. You may speak continuously for up to 30 seconds at a time.

When you have finished dictating, click the Done button below the microphone icon or press the Fn key.